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Rich Lerner and The Grove Jammin' with Juma Album released

Jammin’ with Juma Album Released

North Carolina based rock and roll jam band Rich Lerner and The Groove have teamed up with former Jimi Hendrix percussionist Juma Sultan for the new album “Jammin’ With Juma”. This is the group’s fifth release on the label Free The Music and the follow up to 2017’s critically acclaimed “Push On Thru”.

Read the press release and reviews here.

Rich Lerner & the Groove

Rich Lerner
and The Groove

High energy, old school, jam band
rock ‘n’ roll, funk, reggae and blues.


Sinai Mountain Ramblers

Sinai Mountain

Traditional Jewish klezmer music with a southern swing.

Groove Jam Festival

Groove Jam
Music Festival

Musical jams to feed the souls. Since 2012

Rock 'n Roll Revival Radio

Rock ‘n Roll
Revival Radio Show

A little rock ‘n’ roll to revive the soul.

Groove Jam Festival

We raise money for Greensboro Urban Ministry!

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