Vanishing Moon – Perseverance. Authenticity. Love of music.

Joy in the opportunity to speak through music. These outstanding qualities characterize The Groove of Greensboro, North Carolina, and have come together to create their terrific, even astonishing, new 2004 album, Vanishing Moon. V. Moon sounds like exactly what it is: five lifetimes of listening to and making good music blended and meshed together under the leadership of a visionary songwriter and singer/front man (Rich Lerner) with a charge of inexplicably youthful energy that successfully gets across where we, the band, and you, the listeners, are, and how we feel about it, right now.

“From the perfect opening track (as though they were saying/echoing ‘Allow us please to introduce ourselves…’) of ‘Who Would Believe It?’ through the anchoring proclamation of identity, ‘Strength of the Will,’ through the haunting, thematic title track, up to the marvelous instrumental summary of it all, ‘It’s Not the Same,’ these five players/singers and their friends speak in the voices of many musics past and deliver a new musical voice to express the present moment so clearly and confidently it seems almost too good to be true and to be coming out of nowhere into our hungry ears today.”